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Your special and all-important Matric year has been turned upside down.

Your special and all-important Matric year has been turned upside down. You’ve been plucked away from your friends and social interactions, forced to complete one of your most significant years of education by means of unfamiliar methods and under far more time pressure than you’d anticipated.

The way this pandemic and the effects thereof has influenced the Matric Class of 2020 has already and will continue to be astronomical and sadly some of the most momentous and memorable social experiences of your matric year might be taken from you.

That being said, together as a nation we are fighting for the most important thing – human life. These are such difficult times during which everyone is experiencing different challenges. However, many of us are still extremely lucky, privileged to have food to eat and warm beds to sleep in.

At the moment, life as we know it is confusing and we have little knowledge regarding when things will go back to normal. We are totally aware of the implications COVID-19 might have on your lives and futures.

In these difficult times we’d like to give you a message of optimism and confidence, we all need one. Our mission is to ensure that you get to experience the celebration that hundreds of thousands of Matrics before you have enjoyed. We will not accept defeat – our passion for Plett Rage runs far too deep. We are determined and innovative and it is our mission to deliver to you a memorable Plett Rage experience.

We will draw from 20 years’ worth of experience and every ounce of creativity to bring you your well-deserved and long-anticipated celebration – continually revising and adjusting our plans to adhere to whatever the legislation, recommendations and timings allow.


Before we can make any concrete decisions, we have to wait for the announcement of the final exam timetables. Once confirmed we will either go ahead with Plett Rage as planned or alternatively, have to revise our plans and make some adjustments.

This means:

  • Negotiating with venues and accommodation outlets
  • Using your trusted Ragents and other forums to keep you in the loop andpart of the discussion
  • Confirming revised dates that best suit everyone, especially you, to bestensure your health and safety
  • And finally moving forward to successfully deliver a memorable Plett Rageexperience

We continue to hope for innovative solutions from our government incoming National addresses. We anticipate that both local and international COVID-19 responses and regulations will continue to adapt as countries learn from each other. Plett Rage will follow suit – we too will continue to learn and adapt in order to bring you an unforgettable experience.


We encourage you not to – we want you to join the family, and have a great time celebrating as the class of 2020. As it stands, we are still planning to host Plett Rage 2020, and so our standard and fair T’s & C’s apply. You can find them on our website.

We look forward to hosting you, the class of 2020. You, who will be celebrating the end of your Matric year as well as the end of one of the most complex years of our lives.

Until then, stay safe and take care of each other.

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