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Ragent Application 2023

The Ragents are Plett Rage representatives based around the country. Plus, they get the inside scoop and get to decide how the festival plays out. A Ragent is more than just a ticket seller, they are the heart of Plett Rage, the foot soldiers. And of course, With work comes reward. Ragents get rewarded with everything from Plett Rage Passports and bar tabs, to insight into all the exclusive happenings.

We’re looking for people who aren’t afraid to speak up, for people who can be themselves in a crowd.


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Influencer Application

New to Plett Rage, the Influencer is a feature that has never been seen before. Their job is to spread the word amongst their peers. Not competing, but working alongside the Ragents to reach the same goal. Influencers are often matriculants with large social media followings, school leaders, prefects, or team captains. An influencer receives a free ticket in return for helping us promote the festival on social media throughout the year.


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Artist Application

Plett Rage has become known for curating one of South Africa’s most musically diverse and intriguing festival lineups. As always, we’re looking for fresh new talent – could you be it? We’d love to hear from you.


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Accomodation Application

More than 70% of people attending Plett Rage have never been to Plettenberg Bay, help them find our accommodation by listing it on our website. Listing preference will be given to Plett Tourism official accommodation members, please visit the Plett Tourism website to apply to become a member.


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Work Application

Due to a large number of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted. Local Plett students and young working individuals will be given preference, followed by those with working experience.


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Media Team

Each year Plett Rage makes use of the most cutting edge and exciting talent across the country. The festival has a long history of working with and becoming family with these content creators from the likes of Cam Van Tonder, Taun Visser, Tal Chowney, Apollo Yaffes to name just a few…

If you dream is to follow in the footsteps of these individuals and craft your own brand whilst having fun and using the Plett Rage brand as a stepping stone, your chance is here!

This opportunity is only available to ex Matrics.


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Friends of the Festival

Some of the best memories are made in the moments between dance floors, the recovery breakfasts, and the lunchtime pitstops.

If you and your business offer a haven for Ragers as they navigate their eight-day experience in Plett, fill in an application to join the Friends of the Festival community.


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