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Wow, what a year! Each year we as a team do our very best to build an experience which can transport you into a new world of expression & discovery, hosted in the picturesque & idyllic coastal town Plettenberg Bay.


Plett Rage has become a ‘rite of passage’ for Matriculants, framing the end of twelve years of schooling and stepping into the ‘real world’ be that as a working individual or tertiary student. 


When we set out to put together another fantastic experience after one of the most successful years in the years of Plett Rage, we had big dreams and groundbreaking ideas to take the festival another step into what we felt you The Class of 2020 deserved. 

COVID-19 & the South African Government’s restrictions threw us all a curveball which we never could imagine could happen in our modern-day world where connectivity and information are at the end of our fingertips.


Nonetheless, we’re driven to produce an escape for you whilst complying to the restrictions at hand because we believe that the Class of 2020 deserves a Plett Rage experience even more than any class before them!


We need your help to ensure Plett Rage takes place, adheres to the restrictions at hand and respects those around us’ comfort zones although it might not be the same of ours.

Herewith the details of what you, our family, can expect and what would be required of you while attending Plett Rage.

Refunds & Passport FAQs:

We are thrilled to be going ahead with Plett Rage 29 January – 6 February 2021. Plett Rage has always stood out from other Matric Vacation events for its ability to create an intimate setting whilst attracting thousands of students around the country.


This year due to the challenges we’ve faced, we’re doubling down on our strength of curating a unique aspect that caters for each individual to ensure a safe & enjoyable experience within the restrictions laid before us by the South African government & health practitioners.

You will be able to use your Passport for Plett Rage for the Class of 2021* at no extra cost. We will open registration in the new year, and you’ll have a few months to indicate your intention to attend so we can plan our capacity accordingly. *Please note that if you use it in 2020, you cannot participate in the 2021 experience. A Passport can only be scanned/used once.

In this instance, you are choosing not to attend even though we have not cancelled and therefore our standard policy remains.


  1. More than 30 days prior to the event 50% of the original Passport/Ticket purchase price refunded.
  2. Between 7 – 30 days prior to event 25% of original Passport/Ticket purchase price refunded.
  3. Less than 7 days prior to the event, strictly no refunds. 
  4. After the event, Strictly no refunds.

All cancellations require a 30 day lead time.


  1. Login to your account on using the email address used to purchase your Passport.
  2. Click ‘Tickets’
  3. Click the disclosure icon⋮ on the ticket you wish to request a refund for.
  4. Click ‘Request Refund’.

You will be able to use your Passport for Plett Rage for the Class of 2021* at no extra cost.

We will consider requests for 75% refunds from people with medical proof from a doctor of listed COVID-19 comorbidities which place the individual at high risk until 29 December 2020:

  1. Email requesting a special refund attached a formal doctors letter.
  2. If your documentation is satisfactory, we will approve a special refund with Howler.
  3. After that Howler our ticketing partner will assist you with the refund process.

Refund requests will only be viewed weekdays between 10:00 – 16:30, Plett Rage reserves the right to take up to 7 days to give feedback, failing to supply the required documentation will result in a standard refund as stipulated within the Ts&Cs accepted prior to purchasing a Plett Rage Passport. All cancellations require a 30 day lead time.

We’re currently working on the logistics of Plett Rage within the COVID-19 restrictions, Passport collection will most likely take place at Bikini Beach Plett (located at Plettenberg Bay, Main Beach), but if anything changes we will communicate this with you.

Suppose you are one of the few, who have already received a refund and based on the developments of COVID-19, South African restrictions & Plett Rage innovation you now want to come, great! Welcome back! You’re welcome to reinstate your Passport for your refunded amount. Email from the email account linked to your Passport and they will assist you.

To request a refund, please contact Rage Travel directly by emailing

Please include the below information in your email:

– Full Name of the primary purchaser.

– Email Address that was used to make the booking.

Please note that a 10% cancellation fee will apply to your refund. Why? Processing online transactions can be complicated. Booking fees refer to the costs that the Rage Travel business collects in order to make this secure online transaction possible. These comprise the bank fees, payment gateways charges, commissions and other administrative costs.


Refunds will open on Tuesday 25 August at 12 pm. If you get an automated response to your email request, it means we have received your email, and we will deal with it. Please have a little patience as it takes time to handle everyone’s queries timeously.


Yes! Although new dates have been enforced upon us to ensure that we’re able to cater for our whole family, we’re waiting for you with open arms 29 January – 6 February 2021.

Yes, the transport map and times will be shared closer to the event, with all routes & collection points.

We are currently working with health practitioners in establishing whether it will be practical to require a COVID-19 test with a negative result in order to attend. As soon as we have made a decision, you will be the first to know.

Yes! Each day every Plett Rager will be required to complete the KeepOutCOVID questionnaire, temperature checks will be completed prior to entry into the separate zones & each Plett Rager will need to comply by the download and use the ‘Plett Rage’ & ‘COVID Alter SA‘ Apps.

You will not be allowed to attend, so be sure to limit your risk by complying to all COVID-19 safety protocols. 


In line with national health requirements, commence your 10-day quarantine right away and let people, you have been in contact within the previous 72 hours, know that they can do the same.

If you test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the commencement of the festival (i.e. on or after 15 January 2021), we respectfully ask you to notify us and not attend. We will assist you with a refund or Passport postponement options in line with our policies.

Yes, we will limit the numbers for 2020 to ensure we can operate with extreme safety, so please don’t wait to purchase and end up disappointed.

It’s a personal choice, whilst your age does put you at lower risk, we still strongly discourage anyone with high-risk comorbidities from attending any gathering. If you, therefore, would prefer not to attend, notify us with proof from a doctor. We will assist you with a refund or Passport postponement options in line with our policies (please see previous FAQs).

  1. Please return to your accommodation immediately and try and isolate yourself from anyone you are sharing with where possible. If not possible, they too should remain in quarantine until you have completed the below.
  2. Please see or consult with a doctor and get tested as soon as practical.
  3. Self isolate in line with regulations until you receive your results.
  4. If your result is negative, you can return to the festival.
  5. If your result is positive:
    • Please inform us immediately.
    • Please inform anyone you have been in contact with and have them isolate and get tested as well.
    • If you can quarantine where you are staying or can get home with private, safe or family transport, please do.
    • Use the ‘COVID Alter SA’ App and mark yourself positive, so all persons who were in contact with you are made aware of possible infection.
    • From there, your parents can collect you or arrange for your treatment.

We will do our very best to ensure all safety protocols & health advice will be followed, with your support we will ensure that you are able to enjoy the Plett Rage experience within the restrictions laid out for us.

The Plett Rage brand has become synonymous with safety and has often been seen as the benchmark for event safety protocols in SA. We are well aware that there is a virus and that every risk needs to be mitigated just as hotels, restaurants and airlines are doing.

Please speak to your GP and have yourself sent for a COVID-19 test. If you’re negative and start to feel better, then we look forward to hosting you. If positive, please see the previous FAQ.

None of us can predict the future, of course, but we all want the same thing – to head to the coast and celebrate freedom together. So there is shared risk. As we are proceeding, we will start incurring more and more costs as we get closer to our 29 January start date. We do believe that the likelihood of this is low, but it is essential to be transparent and let you know what would happen if the “worst happened.” In this case, our standard cancellation refund policy as per our website would apply. Refer to point 3.16 in our Ts&Cs.

In the first term of 2021, we will send an email to reach out to all Plett Rage 2020 Passport holders who didn’t scan/use their Passport.

It will contain all the information on how to do this and will be very simple. In short, you’ll be asked to register your intent to attend, and your Passport will be reactivated for 2021. Please note that we will be extremely strict on checking that the Passport was not used during the experience for the Class of 2020.

  1. #KnowYourStatus campaign before the festival.
  2. #IsolateBeforeArrival campaign before the festival.
  3. Daily COVID-19 pre-screening with the Keep Out Covid app.
  4. Daily temperature checks.
  5. Mask protocols.
  6. No-touch policy on arrival, scanning, bars etc.
  7. Hand sanitising facilities throughout the venues.
  8. All staff and performers wearing appropriate PPE and being screened daily.
  9. A COVID-19 compliance officer at all events.
  10. COVID-19 medical specialist team at all official Plett Rage venues.
  1. Most likely, with restrictions; information on the spread of COVID-19 and governmental rulings changing every week we, like you, will be forced to adapt & innovate to ensure we adhere to all requirements.Be sure to follow our social media channels for the latest updates and download the Plett Rage official app in January 2021 to ensure you receive all the communication needed.

Plett Rage within COVID FAQs:

This year we’ll be kicking things off starting at Bikini Beach each day at 12:00 and stages will close 1 hour prior to the lockdown restrictions’ curfew whichever it may be and if we still have a curfew in January 2021. Bikini Beach will close at 02:00 if the curfew is lifted.

At this moment we do not believe that we can put together a Summer Villa experience to the style and level of which it has become known for, within the COVID-19 restrictions. Our sponsors & partners are however working on exciting experiences, which will be released closer to the date of the festival!

No, to ensure we do our very best to combat COVID-19 and the spread thereof, house parties will not be allowed.


Plettenberg Bay Police, Security & Tourism have stringently warned against house parties and that hosts will be held accountable to all COVID-19 restrictions, medical certificates & medical staff required – failing to comply will amount to fines and/or being arrested.

Yes, you are more than welcome to support all businesses who comply with the COVID-19 regulations. We as Plett Rage will issue a list of bars & restaurants who are compliant. Attending a venue which has been red-flagged for non-compliance, will amount to you not being able to enter the Plett Rage venue, due to the risk caused to others.

Plett Rage for the Class of 2020 will take place from 29 January till 6 February 2021 with the last party night being the 5th; therefore, we recommend checking out the morning of the 6th.


Due to COVID-19’s impact on the South African curriculum, we’re unable to guess when Plett Rage for the Class of 2021 will take place; we strongly advise the Matrics of 2021 not to book accommodation until we have released the dates, we will not release dates until we’re sure that IEB & NSC exams have been confirmed.

This year Plett Rage will take place solely at Bikini Beach Plett (Plettenberg Bay’s Main Beach, in the parking lot of Moby’s & across from the well-known Beacon Isle Hotel).

The iconic Bikini Beach will be transformed into 2-stage, 4-section party experience, catering for the sounds of Bikini Beach which morphs into respectfully CoCo Valley’s Bass Cabin & Main Stage once the sun sets.

There are 2 scenarios. Scenario 1, standing and socialising with limited social distancing is permitted and socially acceptable again. Scenario 2, social distancing is still mandatory in bars and restaurants. We are hoping for scenario 1, but have a plan for both.


Scenario 1:

  1. You will need a Plett Rage Passport, no exceptions as we need detailed information about you for contact tracing purposes if necessary.
  2. You will find all required information within the Plett Rage app and will be able to see the full daily program of parties from around 30 days before.
  3. You’ll wear a facemask to travel on the Rage Rides shuttles, all of which will be equipped with hand sanitiser (Assuming still mandatory).
  4. On arrival, we will scan your Passport on your wrist and check your temperature. (Assuming still mandatory). You’ll be wearing a mask and so will all of our staff (Assuming still required).
  5. Once inside have a great time!
  6. When you go to the bar or the loo, you’ll put your mask on (Assuming still mandatory).


Scenario 2:

  1. You will need a Plett Rage Passport, no exceptions as we need detailed information about you for contact tracing purposes if necessary.
  2. You will find all required information within the Plett Rage app and will be able to see the full daily program of parties from around 30 days before.
  3. You’ll wear a facemask to travel on the Rage Rides shuttles, all of which will be equipped with hand sanitiser. 
  4. On arrival, we will scan your Passport on your wrist and check your temperature. You’ll be wearing a mask and so will all of our staff.
  5. Once inside, you’ll grab a table or ‘dance pod’ with your mates. Once there you can remove your masks and have a jol.
  6. When you go to the bar or the loo, you’ll put your mask on.
  7. Tables will be positioned as best as possible to see the DJ’s and be a part of the epic vibe.


Obviously, the situation is fluid, and it is more likely that this process will be relaxed than tightened as we better learn to deal with COVID-19 and as the curve (hopefully) continues to flatten – but we will keep you updated as legislation unfolds.

We’re working hard to ensure that Plett Rage Rides will run smoothly and safely, logistically transporting Ragers is one of our biggest challenges each yet, this year with COVID-19 & the restrictions in place it’s even more challenging than before.

Luckily the movement of Plett Rage’s night attraction Ragers won’t need to move as much, but nonetheless, the Rage Rides will be free for Passport holders in predetermined routes.


All Rage Rides will be COVID-19 restriction compliant. The route map will only be released in January 2021 via the Plett Rage app.


Ragers need to wear masks whilst inside a Rage Ride.

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