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General Questions

2nd – 9th December (check out 10th)

If you are underage, regardless of whether or not you have permission from your guardian(s), you will not be permitted to attend. There is no underage admission.

Passports are the only way to gain entry. No one-day tickets will be available.

The passports are available on our website and through our Ragents. Our ticketing partner, Howler, will then walk you through the simple process. 

Plett Rage’s representatives are called Ragents. Generally, these representatives are matric pupils, so they can relate to fellow Ragers who may have questions. Ragents are the lifeblood of the festival, they are the first to know the latest news and are responsible for ticket sales within their school, area, and social circle.

Plett Rage offers a lineup specifically tailored to meet the needs and current relevance of our Ragers. Our platform is, however, open to many up-and-coming artists. Before they are accepted or considered for a platform as large as Plett Rage, these artists should have a certain level of experience. The application process and requirements will be announced via our social media. Due to a large number of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted.

Click here to access our application page.

Pre-Registering is the crucial way of connecting directly with us. The latest news and sales alerts will always be distributed via direct email and/or SMS prior to public announcements via our social media. 

Be sure to Pre-Register to stay up to date and follow our social media for the latest news! 

Plett Rage will take place primarily at the Main Beach in Plettenberg Bay, near the Beacon Isle Hotel and Moby’s. During the day, Bikini Beach will serve as the centre of our activities, while we work to bring you the best nighttime entertainment.

A Passport is essentially your ticket into Plett Rage, the level of access you receive is determined by the Passport you purchase. You can either purchase a General or VIP Passport depending on your needs.

On the off-chance of the festival not selling out, one-day tickets to Plett Rage’s daytime festival experience, Bikini Beach, will become available. These tickets will be announced a few weeks before the festival and are only sold at the door.

Plett Rage requires an official government-issued document; an ID, a license, or a passport. Due to fraud, photocopies of these documents cannot be accepted. 

Much like our Ragents, Plett Rage influencers play a role in spreading the excitement of Plett Rage. Many times influencers can be Matriculants with a large social following, school leaders, prefects, or sports team captains. In exchange for helping us promote the festival throughout the year via social media, an influencer receives a free ticket.

Click here to access our application page.

Our suppliers utilize students who work regularly for them. In the event that they are looking for assistance, we will post information closer to the festival.Due to a large number of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted. Local Plett students and young working individuals will be given preference, followed by those with working experience.

Click here to access our application page.

Plett Rage Passports

It’s important that you register the Passport to the person who will be attending Plett Rage.

Howler, our ticketing partner, processes all payments. Payments can be made with a credit card, a Visa Checkout, or an Instant EFT.

When purchasing your Passport, you should never transfer money to anyone other than our ticketing partners. Ragents are not allowed to accept money from anyone. 

The Alumni Passport is intended for returning Ragers. These General Passports are generally offered at a discount, as a way of showing our appreciation for your continued support.

Verify that your email address is spelled correctly. If it is, please check your spam folder. If the issues are still unresolved, please contact our ticketing partner at

Depending upon the method of payment, tickets may not appear for 72 hours following purchase. In the case of a direct and immediate payment, be sure to double-check your email address so that you are sure the ticket was issued correctly.

If the issues are still unresolved, please contact our ticketing partner at

By registering your pass, you inform us who will be attending Plett Rage. In addition, it protects your Passport and allows us to identify you on the festival grounds. Your safety is our priority.

Naturally, you will be asked to pay the difference in price if the Passport you wish to upgrade to is still available. You may upgrade your ticket by contacting our ticketing partner at

Please contact our ticketing partner at for a refund request – if you wish to make us aware of the refund, please include in your email.

Please note that Plett Rage Passports cannot be transferred.

All passports are non-transferable and therefore not resellable. If you wish not to attend, please contact Howler at to request a refund.

By pre-registering, you are able to receive early access to purchasing your passport. In light of the huge amount of web traffic we experience, this might mean the difference between getting your passport or not.

Yes, of course. Simply follow the instructions provided by our ticketing partner.

This can be resolved easily, so don’t worry. Please contact our ticketing partner at for assistance.

This can be resolved easily, so don’t worry. Please contact our ticketing partner at for assistance.

Please double-check your email for confirmation, as well as your Howler account for your Passport. If the issues are still unresolved, please contact our ticketing partner at

Our Ragents, who have direct access to us, would be able to assist you if you purchased your Passport through them. If you purchased directly from us, you can either send a direct message through our social media pages or email us at

The location of the passport collection centre will be announced closer to the festival. It is typically held at Bikini Beach or the Plettenberg Bay community hall.

Plett Rage’s terms and conditions govern the refund process.

You can find all the refund conditions here.

Upon entering our grounds, attendees must be 18 years of age. We suggest you do not purchase a Passport without knowing that the attendee will legally be able to attend the festival. Our normal refund policy will apply in this case. This is a legal requirement.

The refund process may take up to 28 days after all the required details have been confirmed by our support team.