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Becoming a Ragent

Let’s get you started

If you think you have what it takes, apply now and join our legendary family by repping #PlettRage2021

What is means to be a Ragent 


However cliche it may sound, becoming a Ragent means you are now a part of our family. We 

make it our priority to ensure our Ragents are well taken care of and feel guided throughout their matric journey. Ragents are the “foot soldiers” of Plett Rage, you become the face of the brand and are therefore expected to live with the brand’s ideals in mind, which is to be dope; treat people with respect and focus on personal growth and exploration. 

You will earn rewards by selling Passports to your friends, classmates and party buddies. We believe that someone that embodies the brand and it’s values is worth more than just being popular or having a large social media following. 

Getting in the inside scoop of what happens behind the scenes, our Ragents play a big role in how we curate the festival. We do what we do, for you & with you!

The Ragent Experience

Ragent Responsibilities

We never expect Ragents to put their responsibilities before school, we fully respect your study time and personal schedules. Everything we ask of you can be done from your room, all you need is internet access. If you have access to an Instagram account & like to talk to friends and people in your school, you’re halfway there. 

This is what we expect from you:

    • Spread news & information related to Plett Rage to 2021 Matrics
    • Form a WhatsApp group with friends, classmates & other 2021 Matriculants to ensure quick distribution of information (Your group should be sent that only you as the admin can post and therefore limit unwanted) 
    • Be the eyes and ears of Plett Rage in your school; give us your input, we listen.
    • Create and share Instagrams stories 
    • Have your Instagram account on public
    • Pass the torch to the matriculants following you: Each Ragent is responsible to nominate matriculants for the following year and bring them to agent interviews (due to COVID-19, the class of 2021 are unable to follow suit as norm). 
    • Assist Plett Rage with sponsorship requirements (marketing, data collection, etc)

Here’s a look at how the 2020 Ragents Rewards looked like here. We base our reward system on the success of the previous Ragent results. Please note that the 2021 reward system will only be launched once 2020 has been completed and the final 2021 agent intake has occurred. 

This what the 2020 family had to say

Emily Hume: “Being part of the Rage family has been such an amazing experience. Watching this insane event go from plans and ideas and transform into reality is so so cool – I’d do it again in a heartbeat!” – @emily__hume

Joshua Nel: “Om ‘n Ragent te wees van die 2020 Plett Rage familie was ‘n ongelooflike ervaring.Om te sien hoe Plett Rage saamwerk om die jaarlikse festival so opwindend as moontlik te maak is amazing.Dit was ‘n eer en voorreg.Dit het my werklik deel van die familie laat voel.” – @joshuanel.19

Catherine Haupt: “the best part of becoming a ragent was the fact that you’re promoting something you love as well as getting the coolest rewards while doing so” – @catherine.haupt

Tharien Bothma:  “Om deel te wees van die Plett Ragent family was een groot jol, maar ook harde werk. Dit was ‘n eer om deel te wees van ‘n groep mal mense wat saam werk om die matrieks van 2020 se droom vakansie ‘n realiteit te maak.” – @tharien.b

If you think you have what it takes, apply now and join our legendary family by repping #PlettRage2021. Please know that we’ll also be hosting interviews, completing this survey will give you an advantage over those who don’t.